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What Exactly is a Mobile Website?

Quick Overview

Professionals predict by 2015, Internet users will rely more on mobile access to perform searches, access websites, and check email as opposed to the traditional methods of going online via a computer.

Of course, with smaller screens and limited capabilities, people need an easy way to view content from portable devices, which in turn is how mobile websites came about.

A mobile website is a website that’s utilized via smartphones and portable tablets. Mobile websites are condensed versions of traditional websites, which makes it easier for mobiles users to access and navigate sites more quickly.

For small business owners, it’s imperative to have a mobile website as most consumers are now accessing the web via their mobile devices.

  • As previously stated, a mobile website is a smaller version of your traditional business website. People who are using smartphones or portable tablets can perform an internet search for your type of product or service and land on your website. This is why it’s so critical that your company has a mobile-friendly version of your website.
  • Mobile website users cannot rely on a mouse to maneuver through information. Users either use a touchscreen or cellphone keys to browse and type. Most people have accidentally touched something while browsing that they didn’t mean to. A mobile website makes it simple to get back to their intended destination.
  • Instead of intricate designs and heavy graphics, mobile websites are designed to provide relevant information over everything else. This in turn helps people on-the-go find the information they need quickly.
  • Mobile websites should be designed to mesh with your traditional website, while only providing the information mobile users need.   For example, there may be information more relevant to mobile users that wouldn’t apply to traditional websites visitors, such as a phone number, directions, or specific information about your product or service.
  • Mobile websites open up an entire new way of marketing. Several different marketing avenues are available on mobile websites, such as mobile coupons and deals, check-ins, and more.

Smartphones are being used by more and more people, and these numbers are expected to grow. Having a mobile website is crucial for business owners as more and more people are starting to use their smartphones to browse the Internet.